Windows Operating System Upgrade

Free Mobile Pickup and Delivery within 15 Miles *See Services Map*
Upgrade operating system
Obtain all current drivers, updates and patches
Perform system optimization
Install all current critical Windows Updates
Hardware Diagnostics (test hard drive, memory, video card, motherboard and processor for errors)
Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System
Data Backup - Backup all critical data to external drive or up to 2 DVDs (9GB)
One-year subscription to Anti-Virus software plus installation and configuration
30-Day guarantee on all services performed

The computer repair technicians at San Diego PC Support have been installing Windows operating systems for over 15 years. A computer operating system install is a task that must be performed correctly in order for a computer to run well. Partitioning the hard drive incorrectly, installing the wrong version of Windows, or installing the wrongWindows Installation drivers can all cause a system to run poorly, or even not work at all. A proper installation of Windows on your computer can save you a big headache down the road; the computer will run smoother and require fewer repairs throughout it's life.

Solution: San Diego PC Support can install or reinstall Windows on your computer the right way. We have a vast collection of drivers to support any hardware and can get the installation done right the first time.

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