Windows Operating System Repair

Free Mobile Pickup and Delivery within 15 Miles *See Services Map*
Isolate corrupt files and/or registry values
Repair all operating system issues including blue screens, error messages, popups, and internet connectivity
Perform system optimization
Install all current critical Windows Updates
Hardware Diagnostics (test hard drive, memory, video card, motherboard and processor for errors)
Data Backup - Backup all critical data to external drive or up to 2 DVDs (9GB)
One-year subscription to Anti-Virus software plus installation and configuration
30-Day guarantee on all services performed

San Diego PC Support can repair your computer's operating system to have it running like the day you bought it. Over time Windows begins to build up junk files that will significantly slow the computer down. These files can also harm the main Windows files, causing the computer to no longer boot up properly, or perform up to your expectations. Computer repair programs can only repair so much; a computer repair technician from San Diego PC Support can fix broken Windows files by hand to ensure everything is repaired properly.

Windows repair - blue screen of deathSymptoms: Computer no longer boots up properly, Windows runs very slow, programs not work correctly or programs failing to respond altogether.

Solution: A Windows system repair will restore important Windows system files to their original state, ensuring a quick boot-up and normal response time. Your registry will be cleaned of any junk entries, and all Windows services will be performing at their optimum level.

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