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More about our Partition Recovery Service

San Diego PC Support is proud to offer partition recovery as one of its main data recovery solutions. If your hard drive has gone bad, or your partition has become corrupt, San Diego PC Support may be able to recover your important files. We provide a software data recovery service and partition cloning service. Software based services, both of our data recovery procedures rely on the hard drive’s physical components to be in working order. A dropped or physically damaged hard drive will usually result in a failed software-based data recovery attempt.

There are many reasons why a partition can become corrupt. Some can be prevented, and some simply cannot. One of the most common causes of hard drive partition corruption is improper shut downs, however uncontrollable circumstances such as power surges can also cause damage to the partition. Mechanical failure is another cause of partition corruption. If a hard drive begins to fail physically, the data that is written to the partition may not be structured properly. When this occurs, the data cannot be accessed quickly by the operating system, and this can cause a computer crash, many times in the form of a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

To protect against data loss as a result of hard drive failure or partition corruption, San Diego PC Support recommends that everyone backs up their personal data at least once a month. Business customers should back up their data nightly if critical files are stored locally. There are many free data backup solutions available on the internet, and even more paid services. A regularly scheduled data backup is the only surefire way to prevent data loss caused by hard drive failure.

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