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Level 1 Data Recovery

Our Level 1 data recovery service includes any drive that does not fail a Drive Fitness Test and does not have a bad partition / deleted files that need to be recovered. This service is usually for those computers which are being replaced due to faulty hardware other than the hard drive itself. With our Level 1 Data Recovery service, data can be recovered 99% of the time with no limit on the amount of data recoverable.

Level 2 Data Recovery

Our Level 2 data recovery service is for drives which, again, are able to pass a Drive fitness Test, but have files that are missing or files that have been erased. This level of data recovery also applies to drives which passed DFT but have damage to the partition or partition file table.

Level 3 Data Recovery

Our Level 3 data recovery service is for all drives that have failed the Drive Fitness Test (DFT). For information regarding how to test your hard drive for failure, please visit the hardware diagnostic section of our blog.

Why Do Hard Drives Break?

A hard drive is the most common thing that goes out in computers today. The reason why hard drives fail so often is because they are the only component in a computer with moving parts. Hard drives tend to fail because of wear to the internal parts. Most hard drive crashes are caused by head crash, external trauma such as dropping, power surges, and just normal wear and tear. Hard drive failures tend to follow the concept of the bathtub curve which states that a hard drive will either fail with the first few month or at the end of its expect life term. Therefore, even if a hard drive is subjected to several years of heavy daily use, it may not show any notable signs of wear unless closely inspected by a certified technician. Keep in mind though; a hard drive can still fail at any time in many different situations.

A hard drive failure or more specifically a hard disk failure occurs when one of the disk drives isn’t able to store or read data correctly anymore. This can be cause by many factors but most commonly it happens because of collision between discs.

Common Hard Disk Failures are listed here:

  1. Head Crash – The head is what reads and writes information to the disk. Head crash refers to when the head it’s the disk platter. This type of crash can cause server data lose.
  2. Faulty Air Filter – Hard drives disc platters have only nanometers of separation between discs. If the air filter is having problems partials can get in between discs and cause disc crashing.
  3. Platter Damage – This is where the platter is no longer able to hold a magnetic charge.
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