San Diego PC Support offers a wide variety of computer and laptop repair services, including Virus removal, Spyware removal, Data recovery, Hardware installation and much more. San Diego PC Support is dedicated to being your “one-stop-shop” for all computer and laptop repair services. All repairs come with a 100% money back guarantee; if we can't fix it, its free!

The following is a detailed list of the repair services we offer, although other repair services are available. Please contact a San Diego PC Support representative if you have questions regarding any of the repair services listed, would like any additional details, or require assistance not listed on this page.

Virus and Spyware Removal Service

A thorough virus and spyware diagnosis and removal service, identifying the specific virus infecting your computer. This service includes a.... (Click for more details)

Data Recovery

If your computer breaks, your data may not be lost. When correctly serviced your data will be recoverable in 90% of scenarios. Even if your hard drive.... (Click for more details)

Laptop Repairs

Laptop repairs include the following: LCD replacement / repair, screen bezel replacement / repair, CPU fan replacement, internet connectivity repair, hinge replacement / repair and keyboard replacement / repair.... (Click for more details)

Windows Operating System Repair

Windows system repair service will find and resolve almost any issue with Windows. This service also includes a comprehensive registry cleaning .... (Click for more details)

Partition Recovery

Deleted or damaged partitions are not always lost. Our partition recovery service will attempt to recover your entire partition, including any deleted files that still remain on the disk.... (Click for more details)

In-Home Networking

A properly configured wireless network allows you to surf the web with total wireless freedom while maintaining a high level of security. If your.... (Click for more details)

Hardware Diagnostics

At San Diego PC Support we offer a full hardware diagnostic, including a thorough check of your hard drive, RAM (memory,) video card, and mother board..... (Click for more details)

Custom Built Computers

A professionally built computer system tailored to your needs will save you time and money. The technicians at San Diego PC Support will help you determine exactly how much computer you need..... (Click for more details)

Computer Upgrades

Computer hardware is always changing, but you don't want to buy a new computer every year. Our technicians can upgrade your current hardware to get your computer up to speed with the rest.... (Click for more details)

Windows Upgrade

Upgrading your Windows operating system to the latest version of Windows 7 will add a new level of functionality to your computer, as well as increase the level of security.... (Click for more details)

Replace / Repair LCD

San Diego PC Support's trained technicians will diagnose and repair your laptop's LCD problems. Our certified technicians can replace your cracked or damaged LCD... (Click for more details)

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