Hardware Diagnostic

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Check Hard Drive for failure
Check memory (RAM) for errors
Check motherboard, power supply, and CPU functionality
Check for operating system problems
Data Backup - Backup all critical data to external drive or up to 2 DVDs (9GB)
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A hardware diagnostic is performed when computer issues are suspected to be caused by something other than software glitches. If your computer randomly freezes or reboots on its own, it could be because one of the internal components has gone bad.

Symptoms: Computer blue screens, random shut downs, computer powers off on its own, reboots on its own or locks up completely, strange colors on the screen or unreadable patterns of color.

Solution: San Diego PC Support will perform a thorough hardware diagnostic to determine which, if any, of your hardware is malfunctioning. This diagnostic includes a test on your hard drive, RAM (memory,) video card, CPU and mother board.

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