Custom Built Computers

Free Mobile Pickup and Delivery within 15 Miles*
Custom configuration of a computer system to your needs!
RAID setup for secure file storage
Compatibility test
Operating system installation and configuration
Data Transfer - Transfer all critical data from old computer to the new system
Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System
One-year subscription to Anti-Virus software plus installation and configuration
90-Day Guarantee on Parts and Labor

More about Custom Built Computers

The technicians at San Diego PC Support have been building custom computers for over 15 years. From inexpensive desktop computers to powerful gaming machines, San Diego PC Support can construct the perfect computer to suit your needs.

  • Fact: The average user pays more than they need to for a new computer.
  • Fact: 95% of all computer usage is Internet Browsing, Email, and Word Processing.

5 Reasons Why a Custom Built Computer is Better

  1. High-End Computer Parts We only use the best, most reliable, most compatible computer parts. This ensures a long system life and increased value. We build the best custom computers in San Diego!
  2. Customized Systems We will configure a system specific to your needs. You will never overpay for a computer that you don’t need. Our technicians will talk with you about every detail of the computer system to ensure that you get the perfect system for your needs. You will understand what each component does and why you need it.
  3. No additional unwanted software (no bloatware) All name brand computer come with bloatware that will slow your new system down. It is software you don’t want OR need, and they will charge you money to use it. San Diego PC Support will never install anything on your computer that you don’t need, and the computer will be working as fast as possible when you receive it.
  4. Name Brand computer companies use cheap, unreliable computer parts. We don’t. Next time you are shopping for a computer, try to find information on what type of motherboard is in the computer. Or what brand the memory is. Computer companies cut costs by using cheaply manufactured motherboards and memory, which often lead to failure. Did you know that the motherboard is the most expensive, most important part of a computer? At San Diego PC Support we see motherboards failing every day, and they almost always cost too much to repair.
  5. Name Brand computer warranties are terrible. If your Dell computer breaks, Dell will ask you to mail it to them for repairs. Estimated service duration? 2-3 weeks. At San Diego PC Support we provide next-day service to all customers with a San Diego PC Support-built custom computer.
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