Computer Upgrades

Free Mobile Pickup and Delivery within 15 Miles*
Video Card Upgrade
Memory (RAM) Upgrade
Hard Drive Upgrade / Addition
Power Supply Upgrade
Hardware Diagnostics (test hard drive, memory, video card, motherboard and processor for errors)
Data Backup - Backup all critical data to external drive or up to 2 DVDs (9GB)
One-year subscription to Anti-Virus software plus installation and configuration
30-Day guarantee on all services performed

From upgrading your ram to replacing a broken video card, San Diego PC Support can safely install and configure your new hardware to work seamlessly with your computer. Attempting to install hardware yourself can often lead to more hardware failure due to improper static dissipation.

A certified technician can safely install your new hardware using an anti-static device, worn around the wrist, to prevent any unwanted electricity from ruining your system. Once installed, the new hardware will be configured and tested to ensure proper installation.

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