Personal Computer Repair Shop Mira Mesa San Diego (CA)

By “Lucy Hills” | Date 3-04-10 | Category: Computer Repair

Personal Computer Repair Shop in Mira Mesa, San Diego (CA).

Personal computers are used every day in many offices and homes in Mira Mesa but what exactly is a personal computer? A Personal Computer or PC for short is a microprocessor (CPU) designed for use by one person for business or personal use at any one given time. Now that we know what a PC is; how do we find a reliable, friendly and affordable personal computer repair company in Mira Mesa San Diego? Many factors needed to be considered when looking for a computer repair shop. I have put together a check list that every computer repair company should have answers to. Please remember this should only be used as a tool to find a computer repair technician in Mira Mesa and not your only source for your decision.

Check list:

  • Customer privacy is extremely important to every business and home computer. When selecting a new shop please make sure to ask important question about how customer information is protected. If that shop isn’t concerned with your information they probably won’t do a great job repairing your computer.
  • Customer reviews from past clients are also key in finding a great in home computer repair company. Make sure that this company has positive reviews as well as a loyal customer base that says they will return if they have any addition problems. These sources can be found online through reviews sites like and
  • Pricing is also a very important concern for both personal and business use in Mira Mesa. When selecting a computer repair company make sure that they give you an accurate estimate on how much the repair is going to cost. Try not to be billed by the hour but rather by the job. This way you know exactly how much you are paying rather than hoping it’s not a lot.
  • Turnaround time is also an important factor in selecting a great PC repair company. Make sure to ask how long the repair is going to take and how fast they can come out to the business or home. Most computer repair companies should be able to come out within 24 hours and have the computer repairs within a few days.
  • No Geek talk. Finally when selecting a good technician make sure that he is able to clearly convey the problem to you without confusing you with computer talk. All computer problems can be put in a very simple manner that anyone can understand.

Again this check list should only be used as a tool when selecting a computer repair shop. Please also consider other facts not listed on this list when you make your final decision.

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